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Creating content about past centuries relevant for this century. 


The heritage sector works hard to preserve and promote the stories of the past. I love to help share these stories in an engaging way. 


I am passionate about inspiring and connecting people with the past, enabling wider access to, and understanding of, history and archaeology. I find immense value in both learning about people’s stories and sharing those of our past. But not everyone shares this passion, and nor should they. It’s our job, as individuals who work in the heritage sector, not to show that it’s “important” in an abstract sense, but that it’s meaningful to us and to the world we live in today.

Creating innovative and engaging content at museums and heritage centres is how we can do this, and this is my mission statement for Heritage Content. 



Your stories are unique and your content should be too. 

There are so many ways to tell the stories that your heritage organisation works hard to promote. From podcasts to videos, interactive learning materials and printable resources, finding the right fit can be tricky but incredibly rewarding. Below are some examples of the different types of content I've produced. I'd love to learn more about the unique stories your organisation is trying to tell and what you'd like to achieve.


The That's Old News podcast is a show that provides the latest news on the oldest stories. Each week we make archaeological concepts and news accessible to the general public, by sharing the latest research in a fun and creative way. I am responsible for researching, presenting, recording and the postproduction of the show. Be sure to check it out...


Promotional Videos

Increase awareness and highlight the uniqueness of your heritage organisation through showcasing what you have to offer in a short promotional video. 

Green's Mill and Science Center

An iconic part of the Nottingham skyline since its construction in 1807, Green's Mill were in need of a promotional video to help highlight the uniqueness of this Nottinghamshire landmark. 

Client Testimonial 

"Ben Blended his own creative flair with that of our brief, but always within the framework given to him, to create a video of the highest quality - interesting, informative and dynamic, he has brought our ideas to reality. Our organisation can now highlight the uniqueness of this most iconic Nottingham landmark thanks to his splendid efforts."


Jamie Duff 


Heritage Development Officer, Green's Windmill Trust


Share a unique story, theme or event related to your site through a short micro-documentary.   

The Spirit of Wartime Sherwood, Sherwood Forest Trust

The Spirit of Wartime Sherwood is a Lottery Heritage funded initiative, that aims to highlight the unique contribution that Sherwood Forest played in the Second World War. As part of the this project the Sherwood Forest Trust wanted to document the activities at one of the sites being investigated, Ransom Wood, a Second World War communications centre.

The Story of Heyman Rooke, Coming Soon - February 2022

Due to be completed in February 2022, this micro-documentary is aimed at sharing the unique story of Major Heyman Rooke, an 18th century  soldier, antiquarian and polymath who used pioneering archaeological techniques and methods to uncover Nottinghamshire's ancient past. A now forgotten but important character, this micro-documentary will bring his story and that of science and discovery in the 18th century to life. 

Funded by the Miner 2 Major Project

Virtual Video Tours

Engage with visitors who can't make it to your site in person through creating a guided video tour. This is a great way for ensuring your site is accessible to all regardless of geographical location, language or access issues. 

Salvation Army Museum Tour, Coming Soon - January 2022

The Salvation Army's William Booth Birthplace Museum, is due to be closed for refurbishment in 2022. To ensure people can still access and learn about this historic site we're making a guided video tour. Below is a sample of some of the content being produced.



If you're looking for innovative content for your heritage centre or museum I'd love to help. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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